Pest Control Services In Surulere

Do you need a pest control services in surulere, yaba, Akoka and Lagos city,

Dolmic Gold International is a professional cleaning services, fumigation and pest control services company in Lagos, Nigeria.

pest contol services in surulere
fumigation services

We implement tools for pest control & monitoring, bedbug treatment, snake control, rodents eradication and etc, in critical areas. We will apply all pest, bugs & Rodents solutions required for the specifics of the challenges you’re having. You will receive a timely report of Our regular and emergency pest control services

We will thoroughly inspect your property and tailor a plan that best befits the situation, your budget, needs and expectation. This step covers every corner of your property – every room is checked, including your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, etc. We also check appliances and items that can be related to your pest problem (e.g. washing machine, rugs, wardrobes, cupboards, beds, wooden furniture, sinks, pipes, etc.). Proper location is key to successful pest control.

Dolmic Gold International will always give you instant support, experience adept staff and satisfaction guaranteed , easy online booking . You will also receive prevention tips on how to avoid pest infestations in the future.

Process for fumigation & Pest control services in surulere, ajah, Lekki, Yaba and across Lagos, Nigeria
Prior before a pest control service technician can commence application of fumigants.
All humans, pets must be evacuated from the premises to be fumigated
It is advice that humans and all living things be evacuated prior to fumigation been carried out, Re-entry period after application is advice at between 5-8 hrs. depending on the concentration and density of chemicals used.
Before re-entry into facilities and building after fumigation exercise , all netted windows and doors should be left open till all smell are completely gone from the room air.
Cost of fumigation
Our cost  is Affordable and varies from one facility to another, Kindly contact Our us on 08026646078 or send us a message on whatsapp
below are areas covered by our fumigation services

  • Offices
  • residence
  • apartments, guest house,lounge,hotels.
  • Eateries and food processing. areas.
  • Cargo ship.
  • Cargo plane.
  • Termite treatment.
  • Snake repellent.
  • Rodent control.
  • warehouse.
  • Targeted Pest control.
  • cockroaches and ants.
  • Drainage treatment

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