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Sometimes January 2020,

Parents and students are sounding the alarm about bed bugs and mold concerns at a Luzerne County school.

Some students say they will not return to school until they are confident the problems are resolved. Parents and students of the West Side Career and Technical Center (CTC) reached out to the I-Team saying that not enough was being done to rid the school of bed bugs and mold. School officials insist they are doing what is needed to take care of the problems.

“I think they can do a little bit better with it,” said Andrew Hartmann, a senior at West Side CTC.

Andrew Hartmann and Emily Davis say they and many of their classmates at the school are fed up with bed bugs and mold. Photos sent to Eyewitness News by another student show what appears to be bed bugs. Another photo shows stains on walls inside modular classrooms.

“I think they should spray the whole school,” said Hartmann. “I know it’s not going to solve the whole problem but if someone is bringing them in, they can spray the whole school and the next day it’s already back in. They should try to figure it out and who’s bringing them in and narrow it down to certain kids.”

“They don’t like do anything to help the students they just say they’re going to take care of it,” said Davis. “Then they just spray, and it comes back again. They don’t talk to students about it they just let it go.”

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School administrator Dr. Tom Duffy says they are taking steps to address both problems.

“Parents should be very confident that we’ve been working directly with our pest control management contractor who has performed a complete inspection in the treated areas in accordance with best practices,” he explained.

They’re also going one step further. He says early next week, pest control will be back with a K-9 student unit to inspect the building for insects. Duffy says suspected mold in the modular classrooms was removed.

“We had air quality testing done in those units and all came back in a manner that allows us to use those classroom spaces,” he explained.

Dr. Duffy says some 700 people come into the school each day which can lead to problems with bed bugs. However, he insists this school is safe.

School officials point out that at no time was there ever a consideration to close the school to deal with these issues.

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