Dolmic Gold International is an award-winning cleaning services, Fumigation and pest control services company in Lagos and Nigeria.

Dolmic Gold International is a growth oriented reliable & dynamic professional cleaning services, Fumigation and pest control services company in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. We specialized in home, office, industrial, commercial cleaning and Fumigation services

Post construction cleaning services

Dolmic Gold International professionals are expertly trained to repair and maintain all hardwood floor surfaces. Our expert’s extensive knowledge of factor that effect and contribute to the changing moisture content of wood flooring before, during, and after installation enables us to offer the best services. This knowledge, couple with extensive training proper techniques of sending, screening, cleaning and restoration that position us as the industry leader.

Upholstery and Sofa cleaning services

Carpet repairing and cleaning are areas of service where Dolmic Gold International has the experience and expertise to provide unsurpassed quality. Whether repairing a “tripping hazard,” re carpeting fitting rooms or sales floors providing ongoing changing professionals follow specific, detailed service procedures that keep your carpet in optimum condition.

We Focus exclusively on costumer that requires Good and quality cleaning services, Fumigation and pest control services

Deep cleaning services

We are committed and confident that our overall professional cleaning services, Fumigation and pest control services professional performance will meet the on-going needs of our current and future clientele. We provide tailor made cleaning, Fumigation and pest control services solutions to our respective clients to suit their needs.

Fumigation & Pest Control Services

Fumigation and Pest Control Services

Remove those sickening Pests and Bugs from the premises of your homes and offices through our Fumigation and Pest Control Services. Our solutions assist in the effective prevention of pest in household and commercial premises like Residence, Hotels, Resorts, Ware houses, and Commercial Complexes. We experts are proficient in identifying all kinds of infestations and provide solutions accordingly. The service comprises of:

Bed- bug Management Service: High quality pesticides are used to control bed bug. We also use steam and spray rubbing alcohol on visible insects to get rid bed frames of adult bedbugs.

Cleaning services in Lagos Nigeria

Cockroach Management Service: Use of efficient medicines and sprays control cockroaches and other insects in a very short span of time.

Wood borer Management Service: Prevention of wood borer is done with  Spot application of pesticides,  Fumigation and Freezing

Rodent Management Service: Sanitation and correction of sanitation deficiencies are given utmost focus which is basic in rodent control. Advice is given for elimination of food sources with good sanitation practices that prevent the increase in rodent population.

Termite Management Service: We use high quality anti-feedant chemicals (such as oils, resins, and lignin’s) into the woody cell walls for preventing termites.

General Pest Management Service:  With proper waste management as well as drainage of still water we help in prevention of breeding ground of many pests at the clients premises.