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Dolmic Gold International is a professional cleaning company in Lagos, Nigeria with the objective to provide reliable quality sanitation for every home, businesses and institutions we serve. Our Business Is To Make You Shine.

About:: DolmicGold International

Treat Yourself To A Clean, pest free & Healthy Home/Office


If You Are Looking For Reliable Cleaning Services, fumigation and pest control company To Meet Your Environmental Hygiene Needs Within Your Home and Company, Dolmic Gold International Is The Ideal, Qualified And Competent Partner.

The Company Is Well Established And Has Built A Stable Base Following The Good Relationship With Customers. Dolmic Gold International Is a professional cleaning services & fumigation company in lagos Nigeria, that understand the importance of a clean environment, we focus exclusively on customer that requires good & quality service



Top quality Cleaning and fumigation service
& expertise

 At Dolmic Gold International, we are fast, efficient, affordable and Reliable. We offers competitive prices for all services and we are pleased to personally meet customers to give a more competitive price for a cleaning service tailored to personal needs, always performing a correct, convenient and quality service. 

Cleaning company in Lagos

Commercial Cleaning Service

The cleanliness of your apartment or office is not limited to the condition of furniture, carpets and curtains. Turning to our Service Service, you will be able to completely remove the care to maintain cleanliness and order in the room, because we provide absolutely any cleaning services.

Our Expertise

It is not difficult for us to fulfill this point, because the staff of our company consists only of qualified professionals, most of whom have been working with us for many years. Their decency and professionalism have been tested and confirmed many times.

Get the best cleaning service where you want it.

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